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Ciao! I'm Cokie. I'm a 20 year old trying to keep her head from exploding.

My true loves in life: italy, white wine, traveling, photography, architecture, international relations, friends, music, guys in suits, nights in & nights out.

I've come to appreciate the pleasures of idleness. Not in the completely lethargic, make no change sense, but I enjoy the limbo periods of life ♥

..feel free to indulge me in my state of idleness

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Ugh, this is why I avoid most people (well most conservative, ignorant people)
  • Person: I'm completely fine with the government being shut down. 30% of people work for the government...that's scary to me
  • Me: Well that's because it doesn't affect you. Think about the postal workers, and the teachers at the naval academy and all those guys. What about the Native Americans? Most of their livelihoods depend on the federal government.
  • Person: well I don't care about or agree with sustaining their livelihood
  • *A glare, eye role, and I walk away.*

"When children attend schools that place a greater value on discipline and security than on knowledge and intellectual development, they are attending prep schools for prison."

"They tell us that the prisons are overpopulated. But what if it were the population that were being overimprisoned?"

"A system cannot fail those it was never meant to protect."


95% of the people who are upset about this asshole’s aquittal on my Facebook newsfeed are people of color..BECAUSE THIS SHIT CAN HAPPEN TO ANY OF US just because some idiot thinks we look like we don’t belong in whichever neighborhood, store, area etc.

ugh post racial/post ethnic world? not in the least bit.

"While some on the Right are expressing fears that if Zimmerman is acquitted, blacks will riot, a greater concern should be that if Zimmerman is acquitted whites and those who pass as white will continue to have legal sanction to murder African-Americans with impunity."