I piaceri dell'ozio

Ciao! I'm Cokie. I'm a 20 year old trying to keep her head from exploding.

My true loves in life: italy, white wine, traveling, photography, architecture, international relations, friends, music, guys in suits, nights in & nights out.

I've come to appreciate the pleasures of idleness. Not in the completely lethargic, make no change sense, but I enjoy the limbo periods of life ♥

..feel free to indulge me in my state of idleness

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Feminism is knowing that you don’t have to wear things to impress a man

Feminism is also knowing that it’s okay to wear things to impress a man if you want to

Society forgets the first part, tumblr forgets the second part

"May your life preach more loudly than your lips."


All the Hangover movies (and movies like it) to me are an accurate depiction of how white boys can do so much illegal and unethical shit and still walk away with a clean slate

"im gonna go to bed at ten tonight"


someone who did not go to bed at ten and never will (via letsmakeloaf)

i say this every day lmao

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i been saying this since middle school lol

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Since college.

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Hey Arnold! mastered the art of

diversity without making the PoC into caricatures

The 90s were a good time for POC-inclusiveness on TV.


mintiscream ha detto:: What's your career goal after college?




Anonimo ha chiesto: Do you moan when you orgasm?


Sometimes I just mumble things like “I’m.. Gon’…’Naaants ingonyama baghiti baba,
sithi uhmm, ingonyama
siyo nqoba
ingonyama nengw’ enamabala

(That’s the lyrics to the Lion King theme if you can’t tell)