I piaceri dell'ozio

Ciao! I'm Cokie. I'm a 20 year old trying to keep her head from exploding.

My true loves in life: italy, white wine, traveling, photography, architecture, international relations, friends, music, guys in suits, nights in & nights out.

I've come to appreciate the pleasures of idleness. Not in the completely lethargic, make no change sense, but I enjoy the limbo periods of life ♥

..feel free to indulge me in my state of idleness

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my mom was pulling into a parking space today and she asked “am i relatively straight?” and i said “i think that’s something you need to decide for yourself” and she told me to walk home


See the thang is that. Having someone want you for you is a feelin thats unexplainable but having someone want you cause you look good and really ain’t tryna get to know you is sooooooo fuckin irritatin



heforshe: we don’t want men to dominate women’s voices.

*uploads video where a large group of men give their opinions on the oppression of women without a single woman involved in the discussion*

heforshe: we want people to see gender as a spectrum and not a binary

*no mention or acknowledgement of the existence of trans people*

heforshe: we want people to see gender as a spectrum and not a binary

*is called heforshe*


Does anyone else go on Wikipedia to look something up and then click on a bunch of random links and then half an hour later you’re 10 articles deep into the history of the Spanish royal family

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link. LINK. please.

Yas Aretha

I cannot

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Motherfuckas Be Like:

I held the door for her, I should get her number.

I just purchased her a drink, shit need to give me something back.

I said hi to her, she must talk back to me.

Oh she got a man, fuck that nigga. I’m the realest.

My girl ain’t with me she don’t know what’s going on.

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Everything comes to the light