I piaceri dell'ozio

Ciao! I'm Cokie. I'm a 20 year old trying to keep her head from exploding.

My true loves in life: italy, white wine, traveling, photography, architecture, international relations, friends, music, guys in suits, nights in & nights out.

I've come to appreciate the pleasures of idleness. Not in the completely lethargic, make no change sense, but I enjoy the limbo periods of life ♥

..feel free to indulge me in my state of idleness

instagram: cokiedough

ask me anything :)

Lest We Forget


As an Indigenous person, I would like to acknowledge and pay my respects to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Defence Force members today, both past and present. Indigenous Australian peoples fought and continue to fight in every war, in every global conflict, in every peace-keeping mission with hopes of returning to a just country where there is fairness and recognition for my people. You are the ANZAC spirit and we will remember you.


White women are pressed that Black women are gaining recognition in the mainstream for being considered beautiful, talented, educated, and exceptional.

Like, that is what I’m seeing right now.

Can we have a moment of remembrance for Nickelodeon's Taina?

justvar ha chiesto: Can I marry you lol


Get me an 80s Ferrari 288 GTO and I’m all yours

the only appropriate answer